Abstract Summary

Building Fashion Enterprise

This research is investigation of the structure and viability of ‘Fashion Incubators’ in a global context in order to develop a strategy for an Irish National Fashion Incubator. It draws research from reports. Extensive case studies where undertaken in regarding general business incubation, specific fashion incubators and fashion manufacturing industries based in Ireland, U.K., Canada and Europe. These focus on employment, investment and revenue gained by the industry. Surveys and interviews exposed fashion designers expectations and from these an alignment could be made between the priorities in their ‘wish list’ and what is financially sustainable in establishing an Incubator unit.
Outcomes that define the essential factors for a successful Irish ‘Fashion Incubator’ template include; a Business plan as a report to funding mechanism, establishing Job profiles, Designers profiles, Membership structures, application procedures, Spatial layout, Branding package including website.
The Initial focus is the primary phase, the online incubator www.infi.ie. The online platform allows growth of ‘INFI’ to develop into the second phase of securing a premises to act a showcase building for Irish fashion design. The mission of ‘INFI’ is; to increase the share of Irish made fashion in the Irish fashion market and in the international fashion export market, by way of providing a structure of support to facilitate the needs of emerging Irish fashion designers to develop viable businesses.

Business Profile
Deirdre Gorman
(INFI) Irish National fashion Incubator

Dublin city centre location – National service
Launching in 2011

Products or services - key features and benefits

  • Providing online platform for designers with news on events, competitions and jobs. The e-boutique will allow members to retail online. A Resource centre will allow designers access to a business directory with fundamental information on suppliers, manufactures, sample makers, press and buyer’s information, business planning, trend forecasting, styling, design development, advertising, marketing strategy, press and media relations. Online Mentors will give business consultations and support. Forums will promote networking which is very important in fashion; the member’s only forum will allow members to network with other members and share information. News and Member’s competitions will promote the designers and attract media attention.
  • Providing affordable studios for designers, fostering cross-pollination among local fashion industry professionals, networking local designers with local and international manufactures, and offering much needed space and resources. Low cost individual studios, meeting rooms, showrooms, retail, and resource centre with access to fundamental information.
Areas of expertise (or personal qualifications or experience to deliver services)
Mentors, business consultations and support are available to all members of the INFI

Accreditation or Quality Assurance if applicable
All products associated with the INFI will be ‘guaranteed Irish’

Business objectives
A ‘Irish National Fashion Incubator’ will increase the profile of the Irish fashion design industry on a global level and will give Irish designers a greater market share and consumer base.

Mission statement
To a give a structure of support and facilitate the needs of emerging Irish fashion designers to develop their vision into viable successful businesses.

The aim is to provide a nurturing environment that provides assistance to aid growth and development while promoting entrepreneurship for start-up businesses by offering Studio facilities, mentoring and business advice and provide adequately for the local designers needs whilst taking influence from the global fashion industry.
Meeting challenges of the Irish Fashion design industry: For young fashion enterprises we are a providing specific business enterprising advice and support. We combine our broad range of services and expertise to help some of Irelands young fashion business meet the challenges of their enterprises.

We can help:
  • Increase profile of brand
  • Secure your enterprise
  • Enable collaboration
  • Connect to customers, manufactures, suppliers, and employees
4th International Fashion Incubators Conference : 21-25 October 2013
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